It is what it is.

IMG_2588 Two weeks of warm weather has tricked some of the fruit trees in this area into bud and blossom mode. The grasses on the other hand are playing it smart. They have yet to show any new growth. But even among all the seemingly dead grass, life finds a way:

IMG_20180312_190402.jpg  I just hope this captivating show of beauty isn’t snuffed out by a late frost. The temperatures here are forecast to be in the 30 degree fahrenheit range over the next few nights. I am  ready for Spring. The dreary days of winter are starting to seem like an endless road:

A dog  and I on the last mile

Author: John Wilson

Semi-retired older man living for God and taking care of my family. My faith and my family have carried me through for 58 years. I am not about to give up on them now. :) We are now working on becoming self sufficient. Growing and hunting for our own food. Building solar and/or wind farms for electricity etc. It is a long road ahead of us. But it begins with a single step.

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